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Rich Deep 200 ml 6.8 fl. oz * Professional

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Rich Deep 200 ml 6.8 fl. oz * Professional

Keratin Luxury Complex

Revitalizing treatment which reconstructs the capillary fiber thru the important properties of oils, butters and vegetable extracts associated to the hydrolyzed keratin by giving volume, shine and strength to the hair with a long-lasting effect. Ideal for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair which have lost elasticity.

After have rinsed off the shampoo distribute the mask on humid hair. Leave in pose for 5-10 minutes then rinse off abundantly.


Download the PDF File follow the detailed instructions and get the professional results & tips to maximize the results on your Hair.

Rich Deep Application PDF

Hydrolyzed Keratin • Reconstructing 
Bio Ginseng Extract • Antioxidant 
Bio Macadamia Oil • Reequilibrating


SLS free – paraben free - PEG free - propylene glycol free


Keratin is a strong protein and the amino acids which combine to form it have a number of unique properties. Depending on the levels of the various amino acids, Keratin can be hard and inflexible, or it can be soft.

Keratin is critical for the hair but is also an essential structural component of all our soft tissue cells in our body.  Hair is made of protein. About 91% of the hair is protein made up of chains of amino acids. These chains of amino acids are linked together by amide or peptide bonds.  Keratin’s characteristic resilience depends on its amino acid composition and sequence as well as the certain protein folding that results. The existence in Keratin of the sulfur containing amino acid, cysteine, helps with strength and shine for the hair.  Hair is made up of Keratin. In hair, there are many amino acids – different sources say 16, 18 or 20. The cuticle of hair has more amino acids than the inner parts of the hair fiber, and this is because proteins break down into amino acids, and more so at the cuticle.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Paula D 01-05-2019

I downloaded the PDF file and followed the directions, and now my hair is amazing, the results are salon quality a my hair is so much better now. thank you for the information and the how to apply the addition of the scalp benefit soften my hair and it feels wounder full.

5 stars based on 1 reviews