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Philip Martin's 100% Certificated Organic Natural Henna


100% Certified Organic - 100% Natural Ingredients - 100% Guaranteed

Hair is just an artist Canvas


The Philip Martin’s Henné system inspires itself from the most world famous artists which have been capable of glazing the light thru their color brush strokes.

A mix of eleven colouring herbs, ingredients from the earth and nature wisely assembled together with the Lawsonia Inermis and the Henné plant in order to achieve an eight nuance palette which can give birth to a wide variety of tonalities and shiny transparent reflexes.

A creative way of interpreting the color from the view of a professional contemporary hair stylist just as the expressions used by an artist capable of personalising the blending of the colours based on the hair and the result to achieved in complete harmony with nature and the health awareness concept towards the scalp and stem which has forever distinguished Philip Martin’s.

Eleven natural herbs which naturally color by dressing up the stem of the hair. Precious and organic raw materials.  Strokes of light which exalt the glare of the hair.  An eight nuance palette in order to create artworks.

100% Certified Organic

100% Natural Ingredients

100% Guaranteed


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Treatment with herbs based on Lawsonia Inermis (in nature intense copper) with other herbal blends to create a wide range of reflections in order to give the hair brighter shades. Mask and reflected the white hair. It tones, purifies, moisturises, volumizes, and offers the best re-pigmentation to the hair, polishing it. Ideal for women who do not use oxidation staining. Lightens a chemical color overload.


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Philip Martin's 100% Certificated Organic Natural Henna

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