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Jojoba Pure Oil 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

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Jojoba Pure Oil 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

100% pure Jojoba oil made with essential orange oil. Formulated for extra dry hair or chemical treated hair. Great for professional use before color. It deeply penetrates and repairs without weight down your hair. Luxory treatment for hair, scalp and body.


On hair: warm up 20/30ml of oil in a microwave or in a bain marie; apply warm oil on dirty hair, massaging from scalp to ends; leave it for 15/20 minutes, wrapping your head with an hot towel. Rinse abundantly and remove with Maple Wash and/or Purifying Wash. Then apply Maple Rinse on ends.

On body: massage the oil evenly on body, after an hot shower or bath.

Jojoba Oil - Reconstructing
Vitamin E - Antioxidizing

SLS free – paraben free
propylene glycol free – PEG free


What Conditions is Jojoba Good For?

With all these benefits and more, isn’t it time you incorporated jojoba oil into your skin and hair beauty regimen? If you have common skin and hair issues like the following, chances are jojoba oil is the answer you’ve been looking for.


Even though many symptoms of dandruff, such as white flakes, show up in your hair’s tendrils, the root of dandruff cause is dry scalp. Many commercial shampoos can cause or worsen a dry scalp condition. Jojoba oil has moisturizing properties that treat dry scalp, quickly leaving you dandruff free.

Dry Skin

Everyone experiences dry skin one time or another. It may be due to an internal problem, dry air, or the effect of drying ingredients used on the skin. Whatever the cause, using products containing jojoba oil can reverse dry skin condition.

Skin Infections

Minor skin infections and irritations can be successfully treated with jojoba oil—a natural fungicide, which means that many of the leading causes of skin infections can be eradicated with the use of jojoba oil.

Athlete Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by having your feet encased in a dark, warm and moist environment, where bacteria can grow. This itchy and sometimes painful condition responds very well to jojoba oil. The oil’s anti-fungal properties kill bacteria and provide beneficial vitamins that promote rapid skin healing.

Brittle Nails

If you desire long nails but suffer from brittle nails and cracking, jojoba oil is all you need to keep nails and cuticles moist and strong.

Dry Hair

Although hair strands aren’t composed of living cells, they do respond to the right treatment. Regular applications of jojoba oil can turn even the frizziest hair into silky soft locks that you can’t stop running your hands through. Be sure to pour the oil into a second vessel before using it to dip your applicators and cotton balls. Pour out only what you need, so that the opening around the bottle stays clean. One way to tell a quality brand is if the bottle comes with a dropper to help keep the ingredients from interacting with the applicator. When choosing jojoba oil to use for skin, nails and hair, quality is essential. Choose jojoba oil that’s been cold-pressed, organic and unrefined. This will ensure you’re using the purest form of jojoba oil available.

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