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Babassu Rinse / Conditioner


Volumizing shampoo ideal for fine and chemically treated hair. Rich in revitalizing active ingredients, it promotes hydration of the scalp and a delicate cleansing that does not attack the hair structure, giving volume, body and shine to the hair from the first shampoo. Contains surfactants of vegetable origin.

Babassu Oil

Perfect hair care thanks to nutrients straight from the Brazilian palm. Babassu oil is used in skin and hair care as an emollient. It deeply moisturizes, inhibits ageing processes and brings elasticity. It is a natural sunscreen. Thanks to the complex of vitamins, fatty acids and phytosterols, babassu oil regenerates hair and regulates processes in the scalp. As a result, it soothes irritation and reduces dandruff.

Babassu Oil in hair care

Babassu oil is more and more often used in the production of hair-care products. Applied directly to hair, it smooths the strands and consequently facilitates combing. Silky smooth hairdo is now protected from splitting. Using babassu oil in hair care is worthwhile not only because it delivers elasticity and healthy looks. It also excellently penetrates inside the strands, adds bounce, facilitates styling and reinforces hair from roots to tips. Hair gains volume and thickness as well as stops falling out in excess. We can say that babassu oil keeps our hairdo in shape. The oil is also a natural UV filter, therefore it is common in hair styling products. The oil shields from high temperature and damaging sunlight e.g. in summer.

Babassu Rinse / Conditioner