Aloe & Olive

aloe-oliveAloe & Olive

500ml – $150.00

Anti-Aging Hair, Face and Body Treatment 100% BIO. This unique product is obtained by using an ancient Indian formulae which mixes the aloe and pure olive oil which supply to the hair strength, body and shine.

The original mixture’s name “October Prime” comes from the period in which this special type of olive is picked from the tree in a specific Italian region and processed in order to obtain a precise weight and density. This procedure allows the oil to obtain a high polyphenol concentration which enhances its penetration on the scalp, hair, face and body along with the pure aloe leaf molecules.

All these ingredients are fully derived from biological farming and no chemical solvents whatsoever are contained in this unique and highly performing treatment product. Olive Oil, Anti-aging, Aloe Barbadensis, Detoxifying.

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